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Greetings Club Members

September is always a busy month. I always enjoy the Hesperia Days Parade. My two oldest grandchildren walked in front of the cars carrying our club Banner. The other four grandchildren plus two club members children road in the rumble seats and in the back of trucks dressed in their costumes to fit the theme of the parade. 

After lunch we all went to the "Black Cat Garage". The owner who goes by "Fillmore tanks" opened his house and collection for us to enjoy. The ladies found a shady tree to sit under, while the kids played his large collection of vintage arcade games and ran up some pretty high scores. The men checked out his collection of decorated gas pumps and various car memorabilia. Thanks to Ron for your hospitality.

We have several events coming up in October. The Canyonlands Hub tour in Kanab, Utah is October 6th-10th.

The Sturgeon's Saw Mill tour in Sebastopol will be held October 11th~15th. This Mill is only open four weekends during the year. If interested contact Judy Spurlin for details. 

October 20th will be brunch at Cal Baptist University.

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