Hard Luck 'Bone Award'

The Hard Luck 'Bone Award' is given to a non-operable car during a Club event - even if it is repaired and continues in the event.  The Bone is given in good "fun" and is displayed on the cars bumper until awarded to another vehicle.

Bucko's car had problems during the Gold Country Tour -- while just 50 miles from home it died and had to be towed home.

The Million Mile Challenge is open to all MAFCA chapters and  members.  The basic premise is:  can we accumulate 1,000,000 Model A miles driven in one yearThe season for miles driven will be from 1 January to 30 September 2010.  We ask that Chapters maintain running totals of miles driven for their members throughout the Challenge. Annotate your information for the start of the year, for each of your vehicles and keep a tally.

October 2010 - The challenge has ended! The revised total is 1,606,508, which is equivalent to more than 64 trips around the equator. 115 MAFCA chapters participated in the challenge.  PVMAFC total mileage for 2010 was ? miles

My Miles