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Hi Club Members

March started out windy and cold so it was a good time to stay home and work in the garage . Tim Marquardt and I were able to get the top up on his roadster for the first time and we put the hood back on, and it is looking good. We washed it and got it running enough for him to drive it home. Tim had surgery on the 27th and we wanted to get it to his house so he can polish it up while recuperating. That was the first time he drove it since inheriting it from his dad. As I followed him, I could see Tim grinning the whole way. His daughter Toni, was excited to go for her first ride in the car. Best wishes to Tim for a quick recovery.

On March 31st we had a Tech Safety Day to check the brakes at Tom Spurlins. While the guys worked on the cars, the ladies put together a potluck lunch of grilled burgers, hot dogs salads and chips. We ended the day with a delicious carrot cake.

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