Message from the President

Hi Club Members

I really enjoyed the annual Redlands Fourth of July Parade. We had a great turnout of ten cars. Everyone looked so colorful and festive, especially the Elgan family. Their daughters, Olivia and Ava looked so cute in the rumble seat. They even dressed their dog Eleanor in a red skirt.

18 people hopped on the Metrolink train to go to the annual San Clemente Ocean Festival. We took two of our grandchildren, Kendal and Trevor with us. It was Trevor's first time to ride on the train and he was really excited when we stopped at the Santa Ana station and he saw a sign that said "Trevor's at the Tracks".  After lunch, we split up and Kendal enjoyed checking out the vendors. She came back with a few goodies. I checked out the Woodies on the pier and Shirley took Trevor to the beach. He started building a sand castle with a moat and soon had four little helpers joining him to build a bigger castle.

Don't forget our annual swap meet is coming up on September 28th and 29th, we could use everyone's help.

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