Message from the President

Greetings A club members

I wish to thank all that attended our annual Pizza in the Park outing at Fairmount Park. 20 plus members had a great time enjoying the pizza party arranged by Rick and Dee. Gracias Amigos. The pizza was great! As usual this time of year, we were outplayed by the Little League Regional Tournament, but it was a pleasure to watch our local youth participate in America's favorite sport, youth baseball.

I took in the opening ceremonies and the first game and then went home to watch the Olympic Games. Boy, what a sports dedicated month. Then came the Little League World Series that had me glued to the TV and kept me out of trouble. It was a pleasure to watch sports instead of politics and crime on the telly.

We did have some sorry times locally with the fires in the local area. I contacted Monica to see how she was doing and learned that the fire was going the other way. “So far everything is okay but thanks for calling”. Our picnic meeting was short but productive. We handled a couple of important issues then enjoyed the pizza. Most importantly we needed to alter our board meeting times. From what I gathered everyone was in agreement, so for now we will meet at the Food Connection. We can be accommodated. However this turns out I'm with you all the way. “Lets gitter done!”

It is that time of year for Club Officer nominations. Your help is needed.

Next month will be our Halloween theme meeting. Don’t forget to wear a costume.

Tom Valdez
El Presidente


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